Builders for The Coalition serves on a committee specific to a Coalition project. As a member of the committee, you help guide the project and make decisions specific to the project and the project’s budget. Current projects include: We Are Home, Repair and Restore, Peach Umbrella Network, Blackmer’s Market, Reclaim Our Village, and Faith Forward. All projects are designed to regenerate and build BELOVED COMMUNITY.

The Coalition believes we can do more together than we can alone. Build with us! Builders are residents and friends serving our BELOVED Community. We are historians, storytellers, organizers, artists, educators, small business owners, clergy, and more working together to address our own needs and aspirations and save the soul of Delray. We are freedom dreaming, making collective decisions, controlling our own resources, and building our own paths toward an inclusive and equitable future.


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Black Excellence Series

Black Excellence Series collects historical narratives from elder activists and residents to shift the narrative from one of vulnerability and deficits, to a narrative of resiliency, power, and authenticity… they highlight what will be lost to gentrification, what needs protection and investment, and what the descendants of The Set can be proud of and come home to.

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Wellness Circles

Wellness In The Set is a spiritual-justice initiative delivered by Soil & Soul.
The initiative builds spiritual power through mindfulness, rootedness, and compassion.
Wellness In Set consists of three main activities: Wellness Circles, Circle Training, and Compassionate Finance

Wellness circles are designated groups that meet weekly to do mindfulness of movement, stillness, and heart-talk (structured dialogue), with four agreements: Loving Speech, Deep Listening, No Fixing, and Confidentiality. A trained Circle Manager leads each Wellness Circle.

Circle Training is an 8-week course that meets weekly to learn circle management, wellness theory, and best practices. Graduates are eligible for paid manager roles with wellness circles.

Compassionate Finance is made up of two programs for active wellness circle members: Freedom Fund and Wellness Dividends.

Freedom Funds

Freedom Fund is one of two compassionate finance programs for members of wellness circles in The Set. Freedom Fund makes no-interest loans to active circle members. Loans can be used for four purposes:

  1. to eliminate or reduce interest-bearing debt
  2. hardship due to external circumstances/causes beyond one’s own control
  3. to fulfill a basic need, e.g., childcare, housing, transportation, etc.
  4. higher education or job training, e.g., degree or certification expenses

Eligibility depends on (1) active circle membership and (2) number of circles completed

Wellness Dividends

Wellness Dividends are monthly payments to heal inequity in wellbeing due to the wealth gap. These dividends are being piloted in some wellness circles and as funding is available

Eligibility depends on (1) active circle membership.

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We Are Home

Legacy Housing is an initiative designed to protect and promote home ownership in The Set and delivered by The Delray Beach Community Development Corporation. We Are Home aims to build affordable homes on the private property of legacy families in The Set. Community organizations partnered with a private developer to deliver homes at cost on private vacant lots or lots with dilapidated structures. Existing land owners become homeowners of the attainable/affordable units built.

Repair & Restore

Repair & Restore aims to protect The Set’s elders and families from losing or selling their properties due to economic pressures and/or lack of access to resources for needed structural improvements and repairs. Due to financial hardships, many community members have not upgraded their homes and are living in inefficient and unhealthy structures. This project also rehabilitates properties to preserve affordable rental housing.

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Reclaim Our Village

“Reclaim Our Village” is centered on improving the educational experience of children, families, and staff at Village Academy. Village Academy is a public choice school within the School District of Palm Beach County and located in Delray Beach, FL. Currently, Village Academy enrolls students from Head Start through 12th grade in its small school continuum model meant to provide a nurturing and engaging environment for students, families, and the surrounding community. Community residents recognize that overcoming social and environmental challenges will be the task of this generation’s lifetime. Village Academy’s students are curious, creative, capable, and rich in potential. They grow up in families with diverse, social, cultural, and linguistic perspectives that all bring a unique lens to problem solving. The Set community knows students will carry the torch for those that have fought for change before them and holds a vision for the school that students at Village feel inspired to discover their own sense of purpose, ready for college and career, and empowered to become stewards of their own communities. The community’s hope for Village Academy is that it will fulfill its mission to prepare conscious, critical thinkers equipped to create a more equitable, sustainable, just and liberated world.
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Peach Umbrella Network & Blackmer's Market

The Peach Umbrella Network pays homage to the legacy and necessity of black ownership, while supporting the preservation and future of The Set community by connecting the local economy with those that want to support and invest in equity. From brick and mortar establishments to talented artisan vendors; full time entrepreneurs to side hustlers; service providers and cultural organizations- The Peach Umbrella Network is where they all thrive! Returning to the collective economic principles of yesteryear, entrepreneurs and consumers support the success of business leaders and community guardians.
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Faith Forward

Faith Forward is a community asset development project focused on building community use facilities for organizing and regeneration efforts, utilizing properties owned by The Set’s faith-based community. Currently under construction are an orchard, outdoor theater, event hall, catering kitchen, Bahamian straw market, youth learning lab, and mobile museum. Taken together, The Set community is organizing for families, for community, for regeneration, and for Black liberation with values that promote radical inclusion, cooperative and democratic ownership, and collective work and responsibility.

Learn more about Coalition Projects and inquire about joining a committee here.