The Coalition believes in community ownership. This means owning our work, our places and spaces, and our land. Through ownership this Beloved community preserves heritage and culture, creates opportunities for creativity and innovation, and fosters agency and self-determination. Most importantly, ownership allows us the experience of sharing work, sharing responsibility, and sharing in abundance as we develop and grow as a collective- a BELOVED COMMUNITY.


Owners of The Coalition’s work are those residents that have engaged in the work of The Coalition. These individuals have put in the time! As owners they have decision making power over the efforts The Coalition engages in and budgets allotted to those efforts.

Coming Soon! Permanent real estate cooperative and membership platform.


The Coalition believes those closest to a problem are closest to the solution. Evaluating our efforts and staying accountable to our BELOVED COMMUNITY is crucial. Typically needs assessments and evaluation research is done by someone outside the community. That person quantifies people and their experiences and makes determinations. Instead, The Coalition utilizes a sense maker to collect data from our neighbors. Residents tell us a story, tell us what their story means to them, and a team of resident’s review this “data” to influence and evaluate Coalition efforts. Residents lead these efforts as BELOVED COMMUNITY Researchers.